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Our June 2021 Charity of the Month has been supporting people in Sierra Leone since the 1980s by giving them the tools they need to live sustainably. 

LifeLine Network International builds individual connections with the people it helps and doesn’t subscribe to the idea of providing faceless aid. It creates genuine, long-lasting relationships and forges real success in the communities it supports. 

Our profile explains all the great things LifeLine Network International is doing to make a positive difference in the world. 

LifeLine Network International helped victims of the Sierra Leone civil war

LifeLine Network International was founded in the 1980s, but it was the beginning of the 1990s when the organisation’s overseas charity work really began to grow. 

Sierra Leone was gripped by a violent and long-lasting civil war throughout the 1990s, with the conflict beginning in March 1991 and lasting until January 2002. 

The use of child soldiers was perhaps the greatest tragedy of the Sierra Leone civil war, with the UN estimating that over 10,000 children were forced to fight in the conflict. 

During this time, LifeLine Network International helped to reintegrate child soldiers into their local communities. This experience allowed the charity to develop its skills in supporting people through training and it continues this work to this day. 

LifeLine Network International uses a range of methods to support people  

LifeLine Network International’s supportive work truly began by helping to reintegrate child soldiers from the Sierra Leone civil war into their local communities during the 1990s.

But, while Sierra Leone remains a key focus for the charity, LifeLine Network International now runs projects in 17 countries and uses a range of methods to support people. 

LifeLine Network International runs a variety of projects to help people, including health care, education, agriculture and micro-finance. These are some of the many projects run by LifeLine Network International:

  • Mentoring pregnant teenagers
  • Overcoming crISIS
  • Capacity Building Farmers in Sierra Leone
  • Gender Based Violence Victim Support in Dominica
  • The Betteh Tumara Vocational Training Programme
  • Building Bakeries in Refugee Camps
  • Building an Ebola Community Care Unit
  • Feeding Families Quarantined by Ebola
  • Ebola Education
  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Mozambique
  • Micro-finance in Egypt
  • Mentoring Child Headed Families

You can find out more about these projects by visiting the LifeLine Network International projects page on the charity’s website. 

How can I help LifeLine Network International continue its great work? 

LifeLine Network International is a registered charity. This means that it needs your help to continue running its projects and providing support to a huge number of people. 

You can show your support for LifeLine Network International by making a donation to the charity today. 

Your generosity will allow LifeLine Network International to continue its great work and gives you a chance to make a real difference to the lives of people in 17 countries across the world. 

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