Charity Of The Month: Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation's Agritech Centre Mondul Kasikam Sahat Kum OMC
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Our November 2020 Charity of the Month uses microfinance and a holistic approach to development to help relieve and prevent poverty in Asia. 

It works largely in Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines, partnering with businesses that promote social entrepreneurship. 

Our profile explains all the things Green Shoots Foundation is doing to help empower people living in Asia. 

Green Shoots Foundation promotes economic empowerment

Green Shoots Foundation was founded in October 2010 and its initial focus was on using microfinance to help lift people in Asia out of poverty. 

The charity has refined its mission since then and now aims to implement “holistic and sustainable development programmes combining economic empowerment with access to education and/or medical aid”. 

It uses local partners in the regions it works in to help deliver these programmes, utilising the local connections these organisations have. 

Green Shoots Foundation has three poverty relief programmes

The Green Shoots Foundation website lists five questions the charity asks when it is establishing if it’s able to provide assistance to Asian communities: 

  • “Is there a need?”
  • “Are we able to address it?”
  • “Can we find the right local partner?”
  • “Is the project viable?”
  • “Is it likely to have an impact?”

It then uses one of three poverty relief and social empowerment programmes to offer assistance to the people it supports:

Education Loans & Social Entrepreneurship (ELSE)

“Support economic empowerment as a tool for achieving economic and social sustainability”.

Food, Agriculture & Social Entrepreneurship (FASE)

“Revitalising rural economies by sustainable agriculture skills and business development”.

Medical Assistance & Medical Education (MAME)

“Engaging HIV medical professionals by knowledge transfer and improving access to treatment”

You can find out more information about ELSE, FASE and MAME by visiting the Programmes page on the Green Shoots Foundation site. 

What can I do to help the Green Shoots Foundation? 

Green Shoots Foundation is a registered charity and this means it is dependent on generosity from supporters to achieve its mission of empowering people in Asia. 

There are two principal ways you can help Green Shoots Foundation: 

Show your support for Green Shoots Foundation today by donating your time or money to this great charity and help it to continue making the world a better place.

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