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Charity Of The Month: Communities For Development

Charity Of The Month – Communities For Development
Written by MicroStartups

Closing out the first half of 2019 is a charity that has spent the last five years empowering people in Uganda. Congratulations to the wonderful Communities For Development.

Communities For Development empowers entrepreneurs in rural Uganda

Communities For Development was founded by engineers Iñigo Ruiz Apilánez and Sandra Díaz in 2014. Apilánez and Díaz founded the charity after their experience volunteering in Uganda, where they saw that its rural community had a complete lack of access to financial services.

During their time volunteering in Uganda, Apilánez and Díaz arranged for a trainer from the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) to visit the villagers. This helped the community to launch its first-ever savings groups, showing Apilánez and Díaz the impact of empowering the people of rural Uganda.

What does Communities For Development do to help Ugandan villagers?

In its own words, Communities For Development seeks to: “Support rural communities in Uganda achieve sustainable growth and reduce poverty by improving their financial ability to cover their basic needs.”

Communities For Development uses three methods to achieve its goals:

  • Set up saving groups
  • Support entrepreneurship
  • Provide training and financial advice

The charity offers training in both business creation and microfinance to the villagers of Uganda. The result of this is not just that Communities For Development tackles reducing poverty and creating sustainable growth, the charity also empowers people to have a better quality of life – better health, diets, and living arrangements.

How can I help Communities For Development to empower people in Uganda?

As a registered charity, Communities For Development is dependent on the support of others to be able to continue doing its good work. The are four ways you can help Communities For Development to empower people in Uganda:

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Fundraise
  • Spread the word

So, don’t hesitate, decide which one of those four methods of support is best for you and show Communities For Development that you’re behind its cause!

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