Charity of the Month: Peace Child International

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As you know, every month we want to recognise a special organisation that is making a huge difference. This month we’re focusing our attention to Peace Child International for their incredible work with young people from around the world. They believe that with employability training and sustainable working, they can empower the young generation in the developing world to create a better environment for themselves and their families.

What Does Peace Child International Do?

Peace Child International focus on propelling change through training and skill development, that will give children the skills they need to succeed in the working world. They use micro-finance to aid entrepreneurs on their journey to success by helping them get the resources and tools they need to grow and expand their micro-business.

They also run school-to-work employability training to bridge the gap between education and work when young people leave school. Training is youth-led and helps to ease those that have just completed their studies to get into the working world.

Peace Child International empower young people to work their way to success.

Want to Get Involved?

You can get involved through donations and partnership to help Peace Child International reach the young people that need it the most. You can also become a youth-leader and help to run workshops and training sessions with other young people. Join up to their newsletter and get up-to-date information and success stories straight from the charity.

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