Charity of the Month: Mowgli Mentoring

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Every month we like to recognise an amazing charity that is changing people’s lives forever. This month, Mowgli is our charity of choice because of the incredible work they do in empowering entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, helping them to generate more income and growth, which provides employment and economic stability.

What Mowgli Does

Mowgli works closely with entrepreneurs to offer high quality mentoring and business coaching to help entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. Tony Bury founded the charity after realising that his own entrepreneurial success wouldn’t have been possible without his mentors and constant human development. Since then, Bury decided to make it his mission to ensure no entrepreneur goes it alone without the support of a dedicated mentor and trusted coach.

They offer certified mentoring programmes to inspire, connect and guide entrepreneurs to help them reach their full potential. They assist with personal and business related challenges that can hinder entrepreneurs business, offering them guidance and mentoring to overcome these challenges.

They work internationally, matching entrepreneurs to mentors across the Middle East, Africa and the UK, striving for sustainable development across the globe.

You can become a volunteer with Mowgli and share your expertise with entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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