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Charity of the Month: Kiva “Loans that Change Lives”

Written by MicroStartups

Kiva is another great international loans charity head-quartered in the US who spans their operations across 82 countries. Kiva aims to match borrowers around the world with lenders who want to invest in small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Transparent and innovative, Kiva is founded on principles of ethical crowd funding and helps a huge range of people from all walks of life. For lenders, it’s a great way to support charitable work that isn’t just ticking a box or wiring money through a boring online donation portal. Because of the loan repayments, people can actually track the success of the businesses and people they’ve supported by seeing the repayments come in.

What does Kiva do?

Kiva was founded in San Francisco in 2005, and they now have offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and staff around the world. So far they have supported over two million borrowers globally!

Kiva gives 100% of the money donated by lenders directly to the borrower, covering its own costs through voluntary donations and sponsors. By being transparent, Kiva are making donating to charity a more enjoyable experience. Instead of wondering where your donated money is actually going, you have a tangible person and face to connect with.

How to lend with Kiva

Kiva make finding a suitable borrower very easy by breaking borrowers down into subcategories. The idea is that everyone can find someone to support who they feel a genuine connection with. This makes the whole lending process more human and immediate, breaking down barriers of culture and geography. You can help communities build schools, entrepreneurs start their own businesses and people succeed at farming.

You can start lending from $25, making Kiva an accessible way to finance businesses around the world. Usually borrowers need large sums of money in order to fulfil their dreams, but it’s great to be able to give even a little bit to help them along. Here is more information on the actual Kiva loan process.

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