Charity of the Month: Fredericks Foundation to “follow a dream, climb out of poverty”

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Fredericks Foundation is a charity that works to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. They strive to support local businesses to reach success. The charity was established by Paul Barry-Walsh, who was himself, a successful IT entrepreneur. After experiencing first hand the struggles for small businesses and entrepreneurs he wanted to support others in the same situation.

How does Fredericks Foundation work?

The Fredericks Foundation works by offering valuable business loans and funding to new entrepreneurs and startups so they can get their company established. These loans are usually given to those that have already been refused a loan by mainstream banks or building societies due to risk.

If their business plan and idea is good, Fredericks Foundation will help support their business through the early stages of getting set up. They offer unique business training and mentoring to ensure business success. The Fredericks Foundation gives people the opportunity to look after their families and become economic contributors to society.

How to get involved

Fredericks Foundation encourages volunteers to help them deliver their expert service to entrepreneurs and businesses. They also rely on fundraising and corporate donations to ensure they can still continue their work. Get in touch with the Fredericks Foundation if you are looking to get involved.

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