Charity of the Month: Deki “Opportunity not Poverty”

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Deki is an international development charity that works primarily with micro-finance to help entrepreneurs in the developing world expand their micro-business to generate stable economic growth in the area. Deki want to promote a situation of opportunity, not poverty amongst some of the poorest parts of Africa, working closely with entrepreneurs in Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, and who have already made a tremendous difference.  

How Deki Works

Deki strives to create opportunity and knows that the best place to do so is through local investment. By giving budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to work and increase their own capital, they will be able to invest this back into the local community. For every person that starts their own micro-business, there is more and more opportunity for others to get jobs and for families are able to become financially secure. They work towards financial security and empower entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty for good.

Deki provides a means for people in developing countries to apply for a loan, that they may not have got from their own country. This enables entrepreneurs to expand their micro-businesses to create a better future.

“It’s a hand up not a hand out”

How Can You Get Involved?

Deki works with other charitable organisations that operate locally to these entrepreneurs, who offer business coaching, budgeting and scaling advice, along with comprehensive business knowledge to help them succeed.

An entrepreneur can apply for a loan from Deki to help them set up their business or expand their current micro-business. Lenders can give as little as £10 to their entrepreneur of choice until that entrepreneur reaches their target. Entrepreneurs invest this money into their micro-business and when they can, they pay off their loans back to lenders. They can decide whether to give to another entrepreneur or to take their money back.

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