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How to Better Fundraise Online: 8 Fun Employee Fundraising Ideas

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Good employee fundraising shouldn’t just be about asking for donations. Use social media and ecommerce to get a lot more creative with your employee fundraising and help staff really feel part of the project. Here are eight fun fundraising ideas that use the power of the internet for good.

Why online?

Why encourage employee giving online? Donating money and fundraising online are great ways for organisations to get employees more personally involved in the giving process.

  • Online donations are easy, low-cost, and run 24/7. You can set up a dedicated charity donation portal on your system, or link to the charity’s portal via a tracked hyperlink
  • People are busy, but if they know they have a dedicated online portal where they can go and donate when they have a moment, barriers come down
  • Using social media for fundraising means employees can bring their personal brands to the table by sharing posts on their own social media profiles (which in turn looks great for the overall company brand too)

Get social with selfies & #’s

Social media is a great place to fundraise, raise awareness, and encourage employee engagement.

  • Find out when important hashtags are going to be used and encourage the whole team to get involved with a Tweetathon on the day (matching tweets with donations or encouraging people to donate online). You can use national hashtags with a connection to your charity, or ask the charity’s social media team for information on when their campaigns are going live
  • Get staff to participate on social media by asking them to share images of them making a difference with their donations or volunteering (great for staff morale)
  • Explain how important social media is for the charity – get the charity in to do a presentation of what it means to them and how employees can help

Host an online auction

A traditional charity auction can be tedious to organize, but an online one can be up and running really quickly. Just make sure you leave enough time for sourcing things to sell!

  • There are services out there who promise to run an auction for you, or you can integrate one into a WordPress site
  • An online auction is a fun and engaging event that will get people spending money
  • It’s less ‘public’ than a traditional auction which many people find too formal – people can feel more comfortable buying online

Encourage employees to use Amazon Smile

This Amazon initiative is awesome for businesses – employees do their shopping, and Amazon donates 0.5% of the sales price to a charity.

  • Get the charities or organisations you support to sign up on Amazon Smile so that they can start collection commission from eligible sales
  • Make sure employees are given clear and simple instructions on how to use Amazon Smile and how it benefits the charities (it’s a good idea to hold a company-wide meeting and run through the process)
  • This is a super simple and no-hassle way of fundraising for employees (and charities)

Start an online store for charity

Start your own online marketplace for charity, collecting donations from within your organisation (and outside too).

  • Create an online store and use it to encourage donations through product sales
  • Simple products that people need often like mousemats, pajamas and towels is an effective ecommerce niche. Work with a friendly supplier and ask people what products they’d be likely to buy from an online store to help you decide
  • Homemade products also sell well – employees could be encouraged to donate pickles, handmade cards or upcycled furniture to sell (whatever floats their boat really). You could even start an online swap shop!
  • Sell company/charity branded products online so that people can publicly show their support
  • Starting an online store isn’t expensive or difficult and is perfect for charity stores with loads of readymade templates and guides)

Experiment with online challenges

The cinnamon. The ice bucket. The press ups. The world of internet challenges can be harnessed for good.

Online challenges where people have to tag others to do the challenge as well are a great way to raise awareness. These kind of challenges don’t even need to leave the organisation – they can be managed in-house via email or your in-house communications system.

  • Challenges are awesome for team-building – use people’s’ competitiveness to your advantage
  • Gamify donating by counting which team manages to generate the most funds for the chosen charity
  • If you prefer, keep challenges office and work specific

Set up a dedicated Facebook page

To help employees feel more involved, and to encourage more donations, set up a dedicated portal (like a Facebook page) where people can go to find out more about the charity and all the amazing work they’re doing.

  • People won’t donate if they don’t feel invested or involved – having somewhere like this helps address this problem
  • Get people from the charity to share stories about what the money is helping them achieve

Online fasting

To raise awareness of digital inequalities across the globe, ask staff to not have internet on their phones (or at all) for a set period of time. Use this as a fun way to raise money and awareness at the same time.

  • If anyone caves in, ask them to make a donation or get people to pledge so that for every minute (or hour!) they fast, they donate a dollar or two
  • Doesn’t have to be about the internet either – you could ask people to fast from coffee or other perks we take for granted

Gather employee ideas

Online surveys are a great way to make people feel more involved with the corporate charity process, especially in larger organisations. Encourage idea sharing and ownership rather than top-level orders.

  • Use free tools like Google Forms to collect staff survey results
  • Ask people how they feel about the charity and the giving process. What makes it hard or easy?
  • Ask for fundraising ideas and ask staff what charities they’d like to support and why

There’s nothing like working as a team and making a difference at the same time. Hope these fundraising ideas will spur your team on to raise even more funds. Is there an online fundraising campaign that has recently caught your eye?

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