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3 Best Practices Of Brilliant Business Websites 

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Well-crafted websites can be a total game-changer for new small businesses. They’re a base for marketing, customer relations, ecommerce and nearly everything else that gets a company off the ground. 

But above all, your website is where your company’s story lives. It’s where future fans discover and connect with your unique story. That’s why it may seem like there’s a lot of pressure to get every bit of your website just right.

And yes, your company’s website is super important and should be built with care. 

Luckily, there are so many tips and tools available to take the pressure off and make it easy to get exactly what you want out of your site.

This article outlines three essential small business website best practices to help you maximize your site while saving time. With these tips, your website will be running in no time and you can get to the good part — building connections with soon-to-be-loyal customers. 

1.  Put your website to work for you

Before you start creating your business website, brainstorm about what you want it to do. Will it be a hub for information and events? Will it have ecommerce capabilities? Will it have opportunities for visitors to sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs? All of the above?

Websites have the power to manage much of your business’s heavy lifting, so make your site is as functional as possible. With the right setup and tools, your website can automatically drive online and on-site sales, collect information for email marketing, build customer loyalty and more. 

Content management systems, like Firespring’s Springboard, are a simple way to set up and manage everything you want your site to say and do. And here’s the cool thing about the Springboard — it allows you to present your website’s capabilities in an intuitive way that customers love. Check out Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery’s website — set up on Firespring’s content management system — for an example of the capabilities of this CMS. 

2.  Make it a place people enjoy visiting 

People have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, so you have to make a good impression and you have to make it fast. A great way to do this is to make your site visually engaging with interesting, succinct, relevant information. 

Visitors to your site should connect with your company’s story seconds after arriving on the page. Your homepage should be as engaging and helpful as possible — so that visitors instantly understand what your brand is about. 

The layout of the site should also be intuitive enough for people to be able to navigate through it by instinct. No information or function should ever be difficult for your customers to find, because that would frustrate potential customers and lead them elsewhere. 

The Springboard allows you to update your site whenever you want, so your web presence is always in sync with your newest initiatives. Firespring can also help you map your site so it’s easy to navigate. The Springboard’s storytelling and brand-building abilities are on display on the Empyrean Brewing Co. website. 

3.  Make sure your site is made to rank well 

To help your website gain traction and traffic, you’ll want search engines to notice and promote you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is indeed a big, complex topic, but let’s get you started with the basics.

First, you want your site to be easy to navigate on desktop and mobile—the Springboard has your back on this one. Then, you should fill your site with simple, clear content that quickly communicates your purpose — Firespring can also give you a hand with this. 

You should establish common search keywords related to your business and build them into your website’s headlines and meta descriptions. All of these efforts will work together to get search engines on your side, expand your site’s reach and make future SEO work simpler.

If harnessing the power of the internet seems intimidating to you, don’t fret. Firespring can assist you through the entire process — there are resources to help you get familiarised with web lingo.

Launching your business’s website is no small task. But when it’s done properly, the ROI is sweet. And with these tools and resources, you’ll soon be managing your site like a pro. To learn more about the Springboard or get started on your company’s fabulous new website, head over to


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