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Charity of the Month: Ashoka

Written by MicroStartups

The latest charity we’re bringing to your attention is a global organisation that has been promoting social entrepreneurship since 1980. Congratulations to our August Charity of the Month, the wonderful, Ashoka.

Cultivating leaders in social entrepreneurship

Ashoka has a clear mission. It exists to cultivate and develop a community of leaders who are committed to transforming cultures and institutions across the globe in order to create a better society for everyone.

There are three core things Ashoka does to achieve its mission:

  1. Identifies and supports the planet’s best social entrepreneurs: Ashoka invites social entrepreneurs into its fellowship and offers them financial support
  2. Equips all citizens to become changemakers: Ashoka focuses on building the next generation of social entrepreneurs by giving them critical skills
  3. Works to develop the “everyone is a changemaker movement”: Ashoka partners with a range of different organisations to create a catalyst for change in society

As part of its mission to bring about positive change in the world, Ashoka has developed a framework to help people to live and work together:

  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • New Leadership
  • Changemaking

Help Ashoka to promote social entrepreneurship

If you are a social entrepreneur who wants to get involved with Ashoka, an organisation Ashoka, or are an individual who wants to be a changemaker, don’t hesitate to get in contact with this fantastic charity today.

For more information on Ashoka, watch the excellent video below…

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